Upside Down and Inside Out

Have you ever wondered why we have a word for “upside down” and “inside out”? Wouldn’t “inverted” or “backward” be sufficient? The truth is there are many things in our world that are upside down or inside out. It is worthy to consider these things and look beyond appearances.


An Ambulance Without a Siren

Yesterday I was driving on Interstate 215 North headed to North Ogden, Utah. I am visiting my best friend over Labor Day Weekend. As we drove out of nowhere a guy in a silver pickup came barreling down the highway at close to 90 mph. My friend related a story about how last week the same thing had happened to her and about 500 yards in front of her the truck’s tire exploded and went spinning across four lanes of traffic. My friend had two small children in the car with her and it really shook her up.
Many people become frustrated and unnerved with tailgaters and speeders. Yet, if an emergency vehicle comes speeding along, we move over and do not question them. Do we ever stop to consider that maybe that silver pickup is simply an ambulance without a siren – a person taking his wife who is in labor to the hospital, or a woman taking her husband with a heart attack to the emergency room… It certainly helps me to be open to the possibilities and not get so frustrated with the world.