Countdown to Thanksgiving

Let’s be honest – does anyone really like the holidays? I asked my friend that last week.

The truth is the concept is beautiful. The meaning, the traditions, the decorations, the food… it is all beautiful and great.

But on the other side there are strained relationship, awkwardness, over eating, stress… you name it.

The truth is there are two sides to every coin. And this blog is about seeing another perspective.

I don’t know a person for whom the holidays aren’t a challenge. That being said, any day that is centered around well a gigantic meal is well, yeah, an extra challenge for anyone who suffers from an eating disorder. (And yes, I carefully chose the word “suffers” which applies in this context particularly well.)

So, let’s get real about the holidays. There are two sides to the coin:

It won’t be the end of the world… It will be a challenge.

There will be moments of happiness… and probably moments of sadness and loneliness too.

There will be be stressed out people… who are willing to do all this despite the obvious strain.

But ultimately there is something to celebrate.

Thanksgiving is amazing. And I don’t know a person out there who doesn’t have more to be grateful for than those of us who have learned to fight to live. We’ve had to fight to find the good things in life.

So this Thanksgiving, I’m not going to dream of a perfect day. It won’t be. But I’m ready.

I’m planning to sign up and run the Turkey Trot.

I’ll hang with my “second family” and help my adopted mom sort through the mess of her holiday and get ready to host Thanksgiving until it is time to go to my Thanksgiving with my family.

And I am going to post each day of this countdown to try and see Thanksgiving for what it really is.



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