7 Days to Turkey Day!

Seven days till Thanksgiving… Seven days to foster gratitude so that on Thanksgiving I am on my A game… Ready for what it is all about. I feel like I should make a paper turkey… (My students did last weekend and they were really cute!)

Really, everyday should be Thanksgiving… I read a book, One Thousand Gifts, this summer – I highly recommended it.

Today, I’m thankful for friends. But really, really thankful. I’ll tell you why. But first, my absolute favorite friendship quote:

“Friends who encourage us when we want to stop, but stick with us when we’re about to fall and run beside us not just in races but everyday. These are the types of friendships that don’t fade with time and don’t dwindle with distance.”

I have friends across the country and across the world. I know they would do anything for me. The day I call for help I don’t know a single one of them who wouldn’t drop everything and come run. It is friendship tested by time, trials, and distance. It is friendship for life.

Those are the girls I am 100% myself around. They love me as I am – with my stress, my high energy, my controlling nature, and my intensity. They call, listen, and genuinely care. I just got off the phone with one of them a few minutes ago.

These are the girls who I finally told about my eating disorder after struggling for seven years. I was crying. They replied, “We know.” They knew it. They didn’t care. It didn’t change anything. (And don’t get me wrong, I’ve had the opposite experience… I had a close friend pull way back when I told her… And nothing hurts more than to think you are less because you struggle.)

Thank you, God, for my friends. Thank you for these women who love me as I am, who see through my tears and wipe them away, who stand beside me, and who have always been their for me.



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