Bucket List

Why I want to run the Boston Marathon…

I’m pretty sure my dad thinks I’m crazy, my friends think I’m an overachiever, and my “second” mom just has a sour taste in her mouth because one of her friend’s marriages fell apart during her marathon training.

To tell you the truth I never wanted to run a marathon. I didn’t even sign up when my friends signed up.

“I don’t run to win races. Nor do I run to get places. I run to escape this world. I run to find peace with myself. I run to feel free. And I run to feel strong.”

And then, I needed to make sure I was healthy enough to run. So I signed up. I waited to sign up until I was sure that if I realized it wasn’t good for me I would drop out. (Goodbye, $180.)

Making it to the starting line was a huge accomplishment – more than you can imagine given a few hiccups along the way on race morning.

I was so happy running. I beamed ear to ear. I was strong. I was healthy. I had proven to myself that I was stronger than I thought I was – that I could work through mental blocks not only in the race but also in real life.

I finish my first marathon with a decent time – 4:10. This fall I ran my first race half marathon – with a pace of 7:54. To qualify for Boston, I need to run an 8:10 pace. (What’s 13.1 more miles? Right?)

I think I’m going to try it. It is worth a shot. Because it isn’t about the achievement, it is about being strong enough to try.

I received this email after my first marathon:

How are you? I hope you are doing well. I know how Monday morning feels after Marathon Sunday. It is a mixed feelings day. A day with pain but also with a huge satisfaction for what you have accomplished. Iam so happy for you! Congratulations on a job well done. What you have done is something that you can keep forever. It gives you a great sense of accomplishment and self esteem and it sends all of the people you know a message that you are a strong girl and that if you were able to overcome everything that comes with running a marathon you can do almost anything. If you were able to train and discipline yourself to achieve your goal, if you were able to overcome the pain that goes with running such a long distance you will be able to do and accomplish many more things. That is what I like about running and especially about marathons. The pain you have to go through in running makes you stronger and teaches you to overcome in life. Because there will always be times in our work, with our family, with our friends, etc  when things will be difficult and if you have thought yourself to endure during difficult times you will always have that extra confidence to come out of it faster and stronger.

Enjoy what you have achieved and wear that medal. You deserve it!

That is why we run! #26.2


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