Itch Me Where?

Thanksgiving break… The last five days have been filled with joys and experiences.

Wednesday coffee with three friends, a little work, a workout, conversation with my spiritual guide, and dinner with another friend viewing Christmas lights. Thanksgiving brought another great run, Mass, time with family and a sleepover with the cousins. On Friday I met another friend for lunch before seeing one of my high school friends who was in town with her three darling boys over flavored coffee and pastries. On Saturday I ran my fastest mile recorded (6:29!) at the end of my nine mile run with dad and spent an incredible evening (until way too late) with my best friend and her little girl. Today brought church, lunch with my second family, and my parents coming over for dinner. (Have I mentioned I love to cook?)) Could I be any more blessed?

Sure there were tricky moments too… challenges… tears… but the overwhelming feeling I have is peace and GRATITUDE – which is what Thanksgiving is all about.

(This marked my first holiday without the support of my therapist. This time last year I was struggling and I’m sure I will continue to struggle. But this holiday was a huge step forward.)

Last night my friend and I stayed up way too late talking into the night. Talking about changing the world… Talking about the restlessness, the itch, to do more, to be more, to help more…

Time will tell.

In the eloquence of my dear friend, “itch me where?”



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