Going the Distance…

Finally totaled my miles for November – 94.

One of my best months…

Yesterday I went out and ran 7 at a 7:40 pace.

I guess my pace work (aka I overslept so I’m going to run as fast as I can for approximately 12-15 minutes and call it a workout) is paying off.


Today I didn’t run, which is a good thing on all counts.

I currently have a dread of getting plantar fascitis

Unfounded – most likely.

There is a lady who works out at the same time in the morning at the gym who is recovering from it.

That and I don’t stretch…

At least not very often.

So I’m stretching more.

And ignoring my phantom pain.

So I did some cross training today and tomorrow I’m back at it.

images (4)

The marathon in my future is a big motivation right now – especially to keep up eating healthy. If I’m not properly fueled I will get injured and not be able to run.

And I need a little motivation right now. But that’s okay. I know where to find it.

Before my first marathon I had quit my training. I was worn out and had run two 13 miles runs. I knew I could finish. I also knew I needed to rest. As race day drew closer, I began to get nervous about having never run my long runs.

I told a friend, “I’m scared of the mental wall they say you hit at mile 19.”

She looked at me and said, “You have an eating disorder… and you are afraid of a mental wall??? You know what it is like to keep going through a mental wall.”

It turns out she was right.

“Most people think your life changes forever the second you cross the finish line. Runners know that your life changes forever the second you decide to go to the start line.”

I’ve decided to go to the start line again. And I know it will be life changing. I’m excited to see what I will learn this time around…



2 thoughts on “Going the Distance…

  1. I like the quote about learning everything about yourself in 26 miles. It’s definitely true. The journey to get to that point and the getting through the day can sure show what you’re made of.

    1. I really liked it too! It is hard to express with words what the experience of running is. Adages such as this one grab a hold of some of that experience. It is so hard to explain or transmit to the people who look at me like I’ve grown horns when I explain my running. You have to experience it.

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