New Year…

New city…

Not for real, just for a few days…


How I love that word…

But really, what is something new…

Something clean…

A new story


I like that song

Blank pages

A new notebook

A blank check

Baby cheeks

Every year somehow it comes to me at the end of the year – a perfect summary of what the previous year meant to me.

And this year, has been something totally a new – a year of ending friendships and beginning new ones, nine trips, 24 books, countless miles run, staring a new degree… A year of ending therapy and beginning a new chapter…

“2015 brought an experience of being loved like I have never permitted before… By priceless friends, little ones, my family, my students, my God and, surprisingly enough, myself.”

A year ago I sat in St. Peter’s Square in Rome – it was a glorious day. I sat there with a brand new journal – “dreams” etched on the front in gold. And this year has been a year of dreams…

2016 – what will you bring? Resolutions yet to be defined…

Meeting new people perhaps?

Opening up to new possibilities with a budding relationship?

Qualify for Boston?

Explorations in my career field?

But above all a new adventure with myself…

As I drove through the streets of Chicago tonight everything was drab



winter in the big city

And then I turned down a side street

And the lights bending over the road mirrored the branches of the trees

Branches laden with snow

White snow



New beginnings



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