Dreams and bucket lists are different… Bucket lists require effort – a step forward to achieve the desired outcome. And dreams, well, those are free.

I dream of…

  • receiving flowers from an admirer – just because
  • holding my own child one day
  • visiting far of places – Spain, Greece, and the Caribbean
  • my wedding day
  • crossing the Boston Marathon finish line
  • publishing a book
  • my own kitchen one day where I can cook my own fancy meals
  • waking up next to someone
  • saying “I love you” and meaning it
  • laughter and squeals of my own children on a swing set in my backyard
  • summer
  • sharing my story of recovery with those who know me in real life
  • graduation day
  • finishing my capstone project
  • a new job with a brand new start
  • teaching at a university
  • finishing all the books on my bookshelf
  • scrapbooking all the “stuff” in my memory drawer
  • going on a cruise with my best friend
  • white beaches and clear water
  • being okay with doing nothing
  • being recovered





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