Running and Musing…

  • I ran eight miles yesterday at a local Metropark. Thank God for cleared sidewalks. (No thanks to the woman at the gate who wouldn’t let us in with $7 as they hiked the rate to $10 for 2016… round trip home for the $3.) I think it will be a great place for my marathon training runs – two loops = 16 miles… farther than any training run I did before my previous marathon.
  • Once I’ve run three tenths of a mile I feel like I’ve conquered that mile.
  • I did Yoga for Runners¬†finally today. I won the yoga mat at a White Elephant party recently. I think the girl I took it from was miffed. My back and shoulders on the other hand – are thrilled.
  • Spring marathons force you to run outside during the winter. Last winter I did manage one 10 mile treadmill run, but let’s be honest… Restarting your treadmill every hour is just inconvenient.
  • I have my new shoes – my old shoes are way worn out. I am trying to get them through the month of January so then I can switch and train in the shoes I will actually wear for the marathon (without wearing them out too badly.) Running shoes are expensive. I wear the Mizuno Wave Inspire. This is the first time the same model of shoe has been available when I’m ready to purchase again. I debated upgrading to the 12, but as I know how I race on the 11’s and my goal is to qualify for Boston, I figured this time safe is better than sorry. And by the time I’m done training and running the marathon I’ll be needing a new pair anyways.
  • I’m going to need a new playlist for the marathon – does someone want to come and do that for me? Please!
  • When I run with someone slower than me, I can hold my pace for so long, but then I have to break free once I can smell the finish line. The mind’s capacity to hold me back slower than my natural running pace amazes me! The mind is so powerful!
  • My running and my sleep are so interwoven. So I’m trying to get to bed earlier… so I can get up earlier… so I can start upping my mileage to be ready for the training program I have (and won’t strictly follow) that starts in March.

11 miles plus yoga this weekend!

Happy Sunday!


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