“Hang on guys, let me get me things out of the back of the car.”

“Why do you have so much stuff?” -M (age 5)

“Because I have a lot of things. This present is for your baby sister.”

“Is it a surprise for us?” -D (age 4)

“No, not this time. I’ll bring you a surprise soon.”

“So, what do you want to be when you grow up?”

“A football player.” -M

“A dad.” -D

“I want to be a football player.” -M

Perhaps we hadn’t heard him.

“Me too. A football player.” -D

The power of persuasion.

“What team?” -M

“Michigan State.” -D

“Me, the Steelers. I practice every day so I’m the best.” -M

“Where did all the snow go?”

“It melted!!!” -D

“Do you think we will get more snow?”

“No!!” -M

I’m thinking he is thinking about his football training.

“What is your favorite season?”

“Winter, Fall, and Summer.” -M

“Easter!!!” -D

“Well, Easter is in the spring.”

“So, I like winter, spring, summer, and fall.”-M


Why I love the rides home from school with little ones. Their world is a whole different place… full of dreams, a different perspective, and potential…


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