Criminal Fears

I have a small obsession with Criminal Minds. It both terrifies me and thrills me. My roommate of years past forbade me to watch it if she wasn’t in the room because I would end up screaming.

This morning I thought nothing of getting a quick little run in before heading to the airport for my flight back home. Two quick miles… unsatisfying but better than nothing. I told myself the crazy hills of Atlanta make it count like three miles.

Did I mention it was four AM? Which means my body time it was three AM. After four hours of sleep. (Which breaks my rule of getting enough sleep before a run but travel days are an exception.)

The area of Atlanta I was running in was safe. Until I got about a mile out and considered that for a psychopath all I has to do was be present to trigger them.

Way. too. much. Criminal. Minds.

Did I mention my mile back was a full minute faster than my mile out?


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