Too busy to blog…

A good problem – maybe…

Life is busy…

And I blog to take time to sit down and find myself… Someone I know  used the expression: “confront myself”

It is the habit of practicing mindfulness towards ourselves.

To feel.

To think.

To process.

I spent eight days traveling. Seeing so many things (I’ll blog about that later.) But it is necessary to come back and regroup.

But April is a month of 30 days and 5 trips for me. So I guess I will be learning new ways to find myself.

And you find  your moments…. On the back of the 1000 Island tour boat standing on the back deck of the boat staring at the water and the grey skis…

… at the end of the pier in Montreal staring up at the city skyline watching the sunset…

… In the silence of the massiveness of St. Joseph’s Oratory in Montreal breathing in the awesomeness…

… Feeling the reverberations of the majesty of Niagara’s Horseshoe Falls from “Behind the Falls”…

Those were the moments of finding myself as I ate more chicken and French fries (I think we need to review the tour menus for next year) and put students to bed.

We are not alone. We always have ourselves. But we can’t forget about ourselves.


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