April Travels Bring…

It has been a while…  Five trips in one month. Less the one that I had to turn back from because of snow.

I am writing this from the other side of the globe.

Seoul, South Korea. (Yes, dear family and concerned friends who don’t read this blog or even know of its existence… south not north.)

Seoul is a place I never imagined visiting.

I was nervous about the flight but it wasn’t a problem… It may have helped that I had four seats I could lie across. Jet lag was better than Europe. (I may eat those words on the return trip.)

But this city:

It is gorgeous.

Men in business suits.

Clean city streets.

People who get where they want to go but without rushing.

Nearly no horns honking despite the heavy traffic.

Old and new mixed.

Women’s style which seems to have no rules of fashion. Does this cut down on peer pressure?

Kids under immense amounts of pressure for education but happily sidling down the sidewalk.

Men in business suits walking beside the river on lunch break.

English and Korean.

Korean characters – artistic and complete devoid of meaning for me.

Safety – to the point that elementary and middle school students walk the streets unsupervised.

Rocks neatly placed as stepping stones across the river.

The world’s 14th largest city…

… with space for plants and flowers on every corner.

In short  – feng shui.

It is harmony. I may never fully understand this culture, this people, and most definitely not this language.  But I definitely learned something today.



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