No Time

If time were a thing I’d be out of it… maybe even in the red. I’m typing this on my phone as I stand in the boarding line for my flight to Rome. (I know I can’t complain… but it does come in the midst of major transition at work and the week before graduation for our students… so not great timing but I have to attend a convention.)

And my thumbs are growing tired for no other purpose than sharing how great it is to have experience validated. This week I had the opportunity to speak with a priest about some major emotional pain I’m feeling which has bubbled up to the surface after several years. It involves a relationship which is both good and bad but I’ve definitely focused on the good and ignored the bad.

What he said to me was one of the most healing things I’ve ever been told. He looked at me and said, yes that is real. You have to deal with it. But you are right,  you don’t have the time right now. So know God is holding you and in two weeks when all this is over we can work through this.

My pain was validated. I was assured I didn’t have to handle it alone. I was reassured that I am strong enough to bare it for two more weeks.

Healing comes in waves. And I know I’ve got more healing to do. One day at a time.


3 thoughts on “No Time

  1. I loved hearing about your faith in this post! it is something i don’t see a lot of in other blogs. this was a great read

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