Soul Sisters

For a long time I thought I had a group of friends. Until I discovered that friendships can be toxic. I discovered that sometimes loving people means letting them go.  And I discovered that I was worth letting people go.

And God has filled the void I feared those friendships left behind would leave.

Over the past year I’ve formed friendships with several new people in my life.

Real people.

Flesh and blood.

Flawed people.

Beautifully flawed.

People whom I love because of those flaws.

People who aren’t pretending to be perfect.

And the most remarkable thing is – three of them share my experience of struggling with eating disorders. These souls have opened up their hearts to me, shared their struggle, and across the miles that separate us – I now know people who have fought and are fighting the same battle.

I’ve discovered the beauty of vulnerability.

I’ve discovered that in sharing my weaknesses I can feel support.

My biggest fear for years has been feeling alone. But only recently did I discover that in opening up my weaknesses, my fears, my vulnerability would I find others. The very things that I thought would make others despise me have drawn me closer to others.

Tonight I celebrate these girls, these soul sisters… who  have opened up their hearts, their failings, their weakness, their hurt… and allowed me to do the same… I  love them as they are. And they continue to show me that I’m loved as I am.


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