I have a lot of reasons to be writing this… a divorce (not mine) but one that felt like a sucker punch to the gut… a death in the family… speaking with a fellow warrior and finally telling her my story… And telling her of these last months…

You know those annoying notifications that pop up on your phone from God knows what app and you don’t have time to go through your apps to deactivate notifications… Well, Youtube is one of those… Until this song popped up the other day…

“You never told the broken they were whole
You spoke the truth that healed their broken souls
You’d never leave us here to fight alone”

We may be broken, but I’m here to tell you:

Tonight as you scour the internet, looking for someone who knows… someone who understands… someone to answer the questions whirling through your head tonight…

It does get better.

No matter what anyone says, recovery IS possible.

Complete recovery is possible.

A life you can’t even imagine is possible.

Keep going.

You may not even know why you are still fighting.

Keep going.

Reasons will become clear.

Answers will come.

Be patient.

You aren’t alone.

I’ve always loved bridges.

And maybe my wounds are my bridges.