This is nothing more than a space for me to scrawl – to see things from a different perspective – to express what is on my heart and mind in a space which is not Facebook and could be attention-seeking, annoying, or misinterpreted. This is my space to share and to save what it is like to be a 20-something… Trying to live each day to the fullest. Trying to see the world with a new perspective.

“So buy a journal” some might retort. I have one. And plain and simple it is faster to type than to write. Further, I know one day I dream of writing a book – and maybe having all this in one place will be useful to me. (I used to be a nanny and forever promise my “second mother” for whom I worked that one day I’m going to write a book called “You’re a Very Funny Woman.”)

Who I am? I am just another girl looking to live my life to the fullest. I long for happiness and fulfillment and pursue it in the best way I can. I am blessed to come from a beautiful family – which is broken in its own way – aren’t they all? I am double-degreed and studying once again. Bilingual. An educator. A runner. A reader. I’ve struggled with an eating disorder.

I have amazing friends. I also know loneliness intimately.

I dream of big things. I dream of changing the word. I smile. I laugh. I cry. I find my strength in prayer.

Above all I’m grateful. And I find that trying to see the world with new eyes everyday helps me to achieve my goals.

“Only those who walk in darkness see the stars.” (Yet another phrase with way too many attributions on the internet.)

P.S. Why “upsideandinside” – more on that here.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Nice to meet you. I think you should write that book. I like enjoy your writing style, no striving just your honest thoughts. Maybe people with “healthy” food relationships just aren’t trying hard enough to realize their struggle? 😉

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